The School

I_SXOLI_iconThe Greek Shotgun Shooting School was founded in October 1997 by the coach Babis Aeginitis , former technical director of the Greece national shooting team in SKEET, TRAP and DOUBLE TRAP.

Babis Aeginitis who cures personally the training programs of the school, studied coaching in the academy of coaching national teams shooting of the International Shooting Sport Federation (International Shooting Sport Federation – ISSF) in Munich (1999 ) . After two years he finished his master’s degree in the same Academy at senior level (Course B) for the Olympic sport of clay target shooting SKEET, TRAP and DOUBLE TRAP.

Then he graduated from the English School coaches of Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) in Nottingham , specializing in coaching for hunting shooting (SPORTING).

He holds a degree in School National Coaches of the General Secretariat of Sports ( FFM ) .

He attended a special coaching expertise to SPORTING at Luton for TRAP in Milan and SKEET in Taranto .In addition, special seminars in shooting competition psychology in Athens , London and Milan.

The school offers training session and complete training program for hunters and shooters hunting shooting (SPORTING) at beginner and advanced levels. It also offers coaching support to beginners and advanced shooters of the Olympic sport of clay target.The shooting team of faculty participated in the World Championships in 2008 and was the first Greek team SPORTING shooting occurred in the world championship .

Since then every year the team of faculty participating in the European and World Championships SPORTING ensuring Greek presence on an annual basis at the higher race events of the Hunting Shooting (SPORTING) internationally.