The Seminars


The School, in collaboration with Hunting and Shooting Clubs offers to headquarters special training and coaching seminars, one-day seminars (five hours) and two-day seminars (ten hours), with theoretical and practical part .

Model two-day educational seminar program shooting :

DAY 1 (Theoretical part, 5 hours)

  • Sights and Shotguns (differences, utilitarian choice, matching gun body type of the user, right-mounts and left- mounts)
  • Sights and Hunting cartridges (yield differences careful selection criteria, qualitative assessment)
  • Safety Rules (proper handling of the gun at the range and accident prevention)
  • Shooting Methods of the moving target (what kind of methods are used internationally in clay target shooting and hunting and how they can be learnt)
  • Data Atomic Training (How is right to train the shooter constructively, to gradually improve and prepare for matches)

DAY 2 (Practical part at the shooting range, duration 5 hours)

  • Two-eyed shooting the moving target, how accomplished and what its advantages compared with the one-eyed .
  • Synchronize Hand and Eye the moving target and shooting the clay discs.
  • Practical application of shooting methods analyzes the previous day at clay discs.
  • Shots on target different directions and particularities technique.
  • Personal improvement and development of shooting skills.

Also depending on the needs of shooting and hunting associations, educational seminars may include:

  • Safe handling of the shotgun and prevent hunting accidents
  • Correct and utilitarian choice of weapon and cartridge depending on the type of hunting
  • Two-eyed shooting and shooting techniques used internationally and hairy winged prey.
  • Match the gun to the hunter’s body type and verification of correct measures of the stock
  • Details correct the mounting and special improvement exercises for right-mounts and left-mounts .

The especially Coach Seminars for Hunting Associations who grow the sports of Hunting weapon in clay targets (SKEET – TRAP – DOUBLE TRAP – SPORTING) include:

  • Meaning and analysis of the choice of weapon sight for each sport separately.
  • Anthropometric dimensions and matching of pull for each sport separately.
  • Improvement and development of the mounting of each sport separately.
  • Shooting techniques used for each sport separately in coaching schools abroad .
  • Training programs and race preparation for each sport separately.
  • Turn psychology, special sights for clay target sports .

All seminars are supported by special educational materials such as instructional videos where technical details of each sport are discussed.